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Friday, August 20, 2010


Meeting with Melvin Cotto

Singer, Voiceover Artist, Vocal Instructor, Actor and Composer. Thanks to God I have been blessed to collaborate with great people with awesome talents some of them are: Placido Domingo, Yomo Toro, Cucco Peña, Cuto Soto, Charlie Sepulveda, Eric Figueroa, Michael Stuart, Gisselle, Daniela Droz, Fe Cortijo, William Cepeda, Mike Arroyo, Ito Serrano, Melissa, Cristofonia (Raquel, Gloria Montalvo, Dagmar Cardona Alfredo Pabon), Claudinna Brinn, Steve Green, Billy Graham, Larry Harlow, Adalberto Santiago, Giovanni Hidalgo, Dave Valentin, Furito Rios, Boricua College Choir, Abe Lind Oquendo, Bayrex Jimenez, Sophy, Millie Corretjer, Eddie Rivera and... let me continue in another time. I studied bel canto with the greats Abraham Lind Oquendo, Adolph Dickens and Edgardo Gierbolini (r.i.p). I have participated of some of the Jazz summercamps of Berklee in Puerto Rico and the International Vocal Art Institute. I want to sing with anyone, any kind of good creative music, learn as much as I can, (and I know I can learn a lot) and share what I know in the process. For now I invite you to listen and buy my music. Let God touch your heart it can't hurt you...

Si tu supieras by Melvin

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