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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Karine Hannah Sings "NEW YEAR'S EVE AT HOME"

Karine Hannah sings “New Years At Home,” an uptempo frolic that lyrically concludes that despite all glamorous invitations, there’s no better way to turn the annual page than snuggling with that special someone. Here’s a song and an artist that will brighten the holidays from this year forward. From the collection "Breaking For The Holidays" released by Breaking Records in 2007.

"New Year's Eve at Home" by Karine Hannah by Young Pals Music

Written by Bernadette O'Reilly, Chuck Taylor and Ayhan Sahin.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Janeen Puente was at 2C Studios on Tuesday, 12/27/2011 meeting with Ayhan Sahin. Puente and Sahin have started working on new songs for a future project together. Stay tuned!

Janeen Puente was born into a family of performers, and is the granddaughter of the late legendary music icon Tito Puente.  She attributes her distinctive singing voice to growing up in a Puerto Rican/American household where her influences ranged from Mariah Carey to Celia Cruz.  Raised just outside of New York City, Janeen honed her performance in NYC nightclubs performing her brand of NY style dance music with Latin rhythms and influences.  She has also had the great privilege of performing on stage with her grandfather on many occasions, in addition to her unique experience of growing up around and closely studying such great singers such as Celia Cruz and La India perform with her grandfather. 

"Mi Camino" (My Path) was released  June 2010, and marks Janeen's first full length CD with her Orchestra.  The CD is executive produced by Eddie Del Rios, produced and mastered by Hector M. Rivera,and includes many guest artists including Artie Webb on flute, Sami Cultura, and much more!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Sandra Bernhard sings "Miracle of Lights" featuring Sussan Deyhim

Bernhard is certainly best known for her colorful comic and theatrical performances, but here she culls a worldwide call for peace in the calming, tribal “Miracle of Lights,” featuring Sussan Deyhim, a composer, vocalist and performance artist who has long been at the forefront of the ancient mysticism of Middle Eastern music.

Produced by Ayhan Sahin and Mitch Kaplan, this song was part of the holiday compilation album "Breaking For The Holidays" released by Breaking Records in 2007.

Boarding the sleigh ride for Breaking Records’ first such collection are such timeless veterans as Chaka Khan and venerable comedienne Sandra Bernhard, alongside two favorites from the nation’s unstoppable top-rated TV series, “American Idol” and its rock n’roll sister “Rockstar Supernova,” as well as a handful of acts that may be less familiar—but as you will soon see, merit equal esteem.


Sandra Bernhard with Ayhan Sahin and Karine Hannah


Sussan Deyhim

"Miracle Of Lights" by Sandra Bernhard featuring Sussan Deyhim by Young Pals Music

Thursday, December 22, 2011

"California Christmas" by Jon Peter Lewis

American Idol favorite Jon Peter Lewis, a top 10 finalist in season three, swipes at the winter chill in “California Christmas,” which conjures Beach Boys meets Phil Spector. The harmony-packed track is an original composition by Sky Elobar, commandeered by producer Ayhan Sahin. Released in 2007 by Breaking Records.

"California Christmas" by Jon Peter Lewis by Young Pals Music

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"It's Gonna Be A Cold Cold Christmas Without You"

Happy holidays are assured with “Breaking for the Holidays,” a collection of Christmas songs released by Breaking Records.

The many million fans of American Idol will find particular delight in Vonzell Solomon, who percolates with signature warmth on “It’s Gonna Be a Cold Cold Christmas”—a song that sounds instantly familiar but is best known outside the U.S. as a hit in 1975 by Irish singer Dana. Vonzell recorded the track in 2007 with producer Ayhan Sahin.

"It's Gonna be a Cold Cold Christmas" by VONZELL SOLOMON by Young Pals Music

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Swedish Style": Transported Back To the 80s

Monday was like a wondrous flashback to the early 1980s, as we shot the music video for the upcoming Young Pals Music release; full length theatrical rock musical “Swedish Style,” based on the break-up of music group Opus 10, a quartet in the spirit of ABBA.

15+ actors, musicians and crew members joined us at an off-Broadway theatre in the heart of Times Square to film a promotional video for the production—complete with period costumes.

“Swedish Style: The Musical” is inspired by the captivating tale of the break-up of Swedish super group ABBA—a lesser-known but all-important chapter in the quartet’s fabled history.  The show is written by Ayhan Sahin and Selcen Pamuk Phelps. The dramatized theatrical production is set in the early 1980s and rapt with love, loss, friendship, heartbreak and the penance of ultimate artistic immortality.

The video vignette filmed on December 12 by Christopher Holmes will provide a compelling sketch of the new production and its soundtrack recording, detailing elements of the script, choreography, set and costumes. 

Young Pals Music will release  the 14-song double-disc cast soundtrack for “Swedish Style" in January 2012.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


"Another + Another" tells a current classic unrequited love story in which boy loves girl, girl loves boy, boy fears commitment and bolts, girl lures him back, but boy is shown the door, nevertheless. Girl knows there’s always another and another outside her door.

Romantic pop, "Another + Another" celebrates honesty and self-empowerment. Romantic pop, "Another + Another" is enjoyed by Next Generation and Oldies who appreciate highest quality music and storylines crafted by Young Pals Records and G.G. Garth Music Publishing.

Vocals by up and coming pop singer “Oh-Kay!”. Music by Ayhan Sahin, lyrics by Ghia Gabriela Szwed. Produced by Young Pals Records (BMI) of NY, NY in collaboration with G.G. Garth Productions (ASCAP) of Boston, Mass.

“Another + Another”
Music: Ayhan Sahin Lyrics: Ghia Gabriela Szwed
Singer: Oh-Kay!
Album Art:
Photography: Luiz Arduini
Models: Ksenia Yakustidi, Alden Truesdale
Copyright 2011 by Young Pals Music, BMI; G.G. Garth Music Publishing, ASCAP

Produced by Ayhan Sahin
Guitars: Gene Blank
Bass: Christian Imboden
Drum Programming and Keyboards: Ayhan Sahin

"Another + Another" by OH-KAY! by Young Pals Music

So, you’re afraid to love me?
Because you lose control!
Coward, turn and face me!
It’s my heart you stole
Now you’re afraid to touch me?
I might eclipse your goals?
Forget your independence!
We were on a roll!
We started out divine
We lasted way past dawn
You make me have another and another and another
I require
Your desire
Saddle me up for more
You make me want another and another and another
You’re scared as hell to love me?
Because you think I bite!
Darling, come embrace me!
heartache feels so right!
You act like I’m the villain!
You’re so damned uptight!
Do you fear my vengeance?
you’re afraid of heights?
We started out Divine
We lasted way past dawn
You make me have another and another and another
I require
All your fire
Started out on the floor
You make me want another and another and another
Don’t shut that door!
I only wanted to set you free!
Your body’s hotter now melting me!
We’re starting out this time
You think you’ll last until dawn
You made me want another and another and another
…but find the door
You’re on fire
But you’re a liar
Here there ain’t nothin’ more
‘Cause babe there is another and another and another
outside my door.

MOST LIKELY TO - The Senior Superlative Musical

Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording
Released on October 18th
on iTunes, and all other digital stores
A New “Generation Glee” Musical Hailed by Newsday as “Most Likely To Be a Hit.”

(New York – October 17, 2011) – On October 18 2011, and Young Pals Music will release the original Off-Broadway cast recording of Most Likely To: The Senior Superlative Musical, a new album featuring cast members from the Dramatist Guild Workshop and award-winning Midtown International Theatre Festival production. Performers on the album include Amanda Castaños, (B’way: Spring Awakening), Melissa Rapelje (Off B'way: The Awesome 80s Prom), Lyle Colby Mackston (Papermill: 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee,) Andrew J. Beck, Gina Marie Bilardi, Christopher Hlinka, Alexander Greif, Katie Hoffmann, Steven Liberto, Lauren Renner, Sarah Sixt, Matthew Walsh, Jesse Zeidman.

Most Likely To (which sold out its entire MITF run on Theatre Row before opening night) features the sereo-comic musings of such high school senior celebrities as Class Clown, Best Dressed andMost Dramatic, as they stage a ceremony to celebrate the fabled best years of their lives in monologue, song and dance. It’s The Gleeks vs. The Goths, The Drama Queens vs. The Jocks, in a Senior Superlative Showdown to Best All Around! The cast album will feature 12 fan favorite tracks including “All Hail the Drama Queens,” “Emo Spelled Backwards (is Oh Me),” and “Push Comes to Shove.”

About the album, writer and composer Michael Tester stated, “I am thrilled to have the original cast reprise their vocals on the album and to welcome guest musicians who have backed the likes of Billy Joel, Elton John, Paul McCartney, and Steven Tyler."

In addition to the album release, Dramatic Publishing Company ( will be licensing Most Likely To for all professional and amateur theatrical markets in North America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The acting edition of the script will be available at The Drama Book Shop, and other script sources in October. A CD version of the album with a full-color booklet will be available for purchase in December.

Author/Composer Michael Tester is the creator of The Pirate Musical! (Baker's Plays/Samuel French), The Mummy Musical (Dramatic Publishing), Hollywood Exposed! (Actors Playhouse, Miami), Amoebas on Parade!! (King's Head Theatre, London), and The Divalogues (Duplex Cabaret Theatre, NYC). He served as co-author of Ken Davenport's long running Off-Broadway (show, The Awesome '80s Prom (winner: National Interactive Show of the Year), as well as for The National Foundation for the Advancement in the Arts Body & Soul gala at Manhattan's Baryshnikov Center. Upcoming projects include Musicals in the Making-a showcase for theatre composers and lyricists, and the blog, The Drama Police. A proud member of The Dramatists Guild, Michael is a Rodgers & Hammerstein scholarship winner, and student of Second City's famed writing track (Hollywood).

Young Pals Music is a full-service independent record label owned and operated by NYU Tisch Master’s graduate Ayhan Sahin. His recent work includes recordings for Olivia Newton-John, Melba Moore, Phoebe Snow, Turkish superstar Sezen Aksu, Sandra Bernhard and a half-dozen “American Idol” finalists. Records released by the label have been featured on Billboard, MTV, VH1 .

The Most Likely To album was produced and arranged by Ayhan Sahin, Young Pals Music. Musicians: Keyboard: Elliot Weiss, Classical Guitar: Rafael Cintron; Violin: Elyssa Samsel; Electric Guitar: Dennis DelGaudio; Bass Guitar: Brian Holtz.

To download the album, please click here

For licensing and script information, visit


King James recorded two new tracks on Friday, 11/11/11 at the 2C Studios for his new movie project.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Karine Hannah was at 2C Studios on Friday, October 28 2011 to finish up recordings on the "Swedish Style" project.

It was also an occasion to celebrate Ayhan Sahin's past birthday with chocolates and hugs.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Flamenco guitarist Rafael Cintron was at 2C Studios recording on Tuesday, 10/25/2011.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Classical guitarist/singer Emre Yilmaz- a longtime collaborator of Ayhan Sahin was back at 2C Studios to record classical guitars for the "Swedish Style" project.

Emre launched his Turkish career with a succesful single "Kaderin Yerine" accompanied by a music video. He has recently did a duet with the Turkish diva Sezen Aksu.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Beat By Beat Press publishing company owner Denver Casado was at 2C Studios on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 to meet with Ayhan Sahin/Young Pals Music catalog.

BBBPress is specialized in providing new children's musicals for schools and youth theatres. Beat by Beat Press was founded by a group of young writers and educators from New York City with an artistic spirit and a passionate objective: to distribute high-quality musicals with fresh stories and characters for children to perform.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Acclaimed saxophone player Carras Paton, who has been a part of New York live music scene for the last couple of years, was at the 2C Studios on Sunday, October 16 to record for the "Swedish Style" musical project. He will be back at the studio the following Wednesday to lay down flute parts as well.

Paton previously worked with Young Pals Music for Adam Shenk's debut album "Suitcases."

Monday, October 10, 2011


Today, Denny Blake was at 2C Studios to record his parts for the musical "Swedish Style." Singing the character for Benny in the show, Blake recorded

- Hands Cold To My Touch
- Classics
- Reincarnation
- Mr. & Mrs. Average Think
- Here We Go, and
- Let The Music Speak To New Horizons

Blake was in the original band of Norman Gentle's "Bitch Slap" single release last year from Young Pals Records.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Karine Hannah was at the new location of 2C Studios on Friday, 10/7/2011 to record songs for the "Swedish Style" musical project.

Hannah, who sings the role of Frida Lyngstad in the show, recorded "Immortal Tunes" and "No Space For U Turns" written by Selcen Pamuk & Ayhan Sahin. Recently, Karine's version of "Frida's Sonnet" from the show was released as a single from Young Pals Music. Christopher Holmes produced the music video for the single.

Production of "Swedish Style" project brought together a rich talent of 20 artists/musicians to record 14 songs from the show that tells the story of the legendary Swedish band ABBA. Stay tuned for its release on Young Pals Music in the days to come.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Today violinist Elyssa Samsel was at 2C Studios to record violin parts for the following songs from the musical "Swedish Style:"
- Bird With A Broken Wing
- Classics
- Hands Cold To My Touch
- Reincarnation

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Dennis DelGaudio; the other half of production duo DNA was back at 2C Studios today to record electric guitars for the cast album of musical "Swedish Style."

Monday, September 12, 2011


Adam Shenk, our old Young Pal who recorded his 2010 album "Suitcases" at 2C Studios returned on Monday to participate in the new recording of "Swedish Style" cast album.

He added his voice to the trio on "The Three Boys"and also played piano on a couple of tracks including "Hands Cold To My Touch" amid his busy schedule touring the West coast, frequent shows in New York and best of all, his own music recently replaced in MTV's "Real World" and E Channel's "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." 

Friday, September 9, 2011


Today, recordings for the musical "Swedish Style" continued with Riomar Guzman, Katie Hoffmann, Danika & Travis Robertson.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Lyle Colby Mackston was in the studio today to record parts for the cast album of the musical "Swedish Style." Lyle is an original cast member of Michael Tester's "Most Likely To" musical which will be released under the umbrella of Young Pals Music in early October, 2011.


Original cast member Lyle Colby Mackston will be singing "BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE" during an alum performance at the Midtown International Theatre Festival awards ceremony at New World Stages. Writer, Michael Tester is presenting The Outstanding Costume award (since BroadwayClubhouse was the official consultant for this year's festival). Ayhan Sahin arranged and produced the cast album for "Most Likely To" which will be released in early October, 2011.

The Senior Superlative Musical
By Michael Tester

Nominated for

Including Best Musical, Best Staging and Best Ensemble!


The MITF presents The Eleventh Annual Season Awards Ceremony

Thursday, September 9, 2010
at 8pm
Cash bar
open at 7pm.
New World Stages,
340 W. 50th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues), NYC

Tickets are $20
($15 if booked before 8/30)

Tickets available only at or by phone at 866-811-4111.

will include performances by some of the 2010 Season's finest shows including ML2

For updates and information:


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It’s the Drama Queens vs. the Jocks, the Glees vs. the Goths as an all-teen cast stage a mock senior superlative ceremony that is most likely to make you laugh!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


David Pascucci's second album "Imitation of Life" is going to be out on the digital music stores on September 26, 2011. 

This album features several arrangements by Tim Gill and David is backed for many songs by The Tim Gill Orchestra. Also included is a string quartet (arranged by Jay Terrien), a harp played beautifully by Paul Baker, productions and arrangements by Ian Matthews, Ayhan Sahin and Michael Harold, Classical guitarist Emre Yilmaz, bagpipes played by Arnold Edwards. Features songs by Jacques Brel, Charles Azanavour, José Promis, Pascucci himself and many others. It is a mixture of many styles from Big Band to Techno to Broadway. 

The finale of the album is Ayhan Sahin's production and arrangement of "Close Every Door" from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" with lyrics written by Tim Rice. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Erica Jacob who has worked with Young Pals Music in such projects as DNA's album with Karine Hannah, "Calling Card," solo recordings "Lost and Found," "Alive" and "Liar" returns today to 2C Studios to record tracks for the musical "Swedish Style."

Monday, September 5, 2011


Labor day was a joy with Nick Boddington in the studio recording 7 songs from the musical "Swedish Style." What an amazing talent! As an encore on wednesday his singing partner and girl-friend Jade Bartlett will be recording more for "Swedish Style."

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today, DeAnna Choi and Riomar Guzman recorded songs for the musical "Swedish Style" at 2C Studios.

Monday, August 29, 2011

First-ever “Back to School Song” Brings Joy and Relief

First-ever “Back to School Song” Brings Joy and Relief –Thanks to Facebook!

Finally, a song for Back to School featuring Nantucket Island.

First-ever “Back to School Song” tells a current classic teen story in which Facebook requites unrequited love.

During summer holiday on Nantucket Island, Italian Boy and Preppy Girl savor one kiss before back to school rips them apart --perhaps forever, when boy realizes his mother has accidentally washed his Nantucket sweatshirt containing his iPhone and the girl’s contact info. Through Google, he tries to find his beloved, and finally Advanced Search comes through, allowing them to reunite on Facebook, Skype, IM, and iPhone.

The “Back to School Song” celebrates modern tech-tools, and underscores the E-social milieu whereby the Next Generation communes safely through Facebook, Skype, Instant Message (IM), iPhone, and iPod. Romantic and operatic, the “Back to School Song” is enjoyed by Next Generation and Oldies who appreciate highest quality music.

Sung by tenor Rio Guzman, music by Ayhan Sahin, lyrics by Ghia Gabriela Szwed, produced by Young Pals Records (BMI) of NY, NY in collaboration with G.G. Garth Productions (ASCAP) of Boston, Mass.


We met and kissed just hours
before sweet
summer’s sea-side end
a week
‘til school began.

Now you’re
back at boarding school,
you’re so alone.
And I
my dusty
Tuscan home.

Promised you
I’d phone
The moment I got in
IM and Text and Skype!

No, my mother washed
my Nantucket sweat shirt!
My iPod and iPhone
are all wet!
Jet-lagged I slept
too deeply
in my bed.
No, can’t believe my mother drowned
Every summer number down
Only one girl resounds.

our lips met, and
Autumn winds arose
Magic days
That school deposed

Cherished your first name!
How’d I mispronounce your last?
I remember your town,
Your favorite class.

Hope that I can find my soaring girl
who looked into my soul!
Google? Interpol? Facebook, and Twitter?
Advanced-Search will be my home-run hitter!
Possible? True!
HEY, look, it’s really you!
Facebook came through!
Inbox me really soooon!
Next holiday’s with you!

Sung By Rio Guzman - Back to School (feat. Ayhan Sahin Music & Ghia Gabriela Szwed Lyrics) - Single

Friday, August 19, 2011

Karine Hannah on Playbill News

Karine Hannah Signs Deal with Universal; 
Metropolitan Room Appearance Planned
By Andrew Gans

18 Aug 2011

Karine Hannah, the Canadian born chanteuse who frequents the New York cabaret scene, has signed her first global record deal with Universal Records. A late winter 2012 release is expected.

Prior to the arrival of the new recording, Hannah will return to New York's Metropolitan Room Oct. 5 at 7 PM.

Hannah has previously performed "Frida's Sonnet" from Swedish Style, the work-in-progress musical about Abba by her longtime collaborator, producer/composer Ayhan Sahin. Audiences can expect to hear that tune at her upcoming Manhattan gig.

The Metropolitan Room is located at 34 West 22nd Street. For ticket information call (212) 206-0440.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Just in the 7th remix of Tinatin's "Wild" courtesy of Brazilian DJ Victor Diniz from Arenna

 Tinatin - Wild(Arenna Mix) by Arenna 

In November 2003 Arenna group started a recent carrier, but some of the members has been working in electronic music productions for 5 years. Showing their independent songs in radios and clubs around São Luis, a city located in the northeast of Brazil, state of Maranhão, Arenna became notorious for their great remixes. "Ferveção" by Dj Victor Diniz and "I Hope Enjoy" by Dj Esteverson were big hits and still stimulate the crowd when its been played around brazil. This was the main idea that influenced Arenna's formation. Arenna developed their musical background in the Brazilian culture beats, this is a big opportunity to choose the best vibration to their remixes and 100% original songs. "In our music productions we try to express what's interesting in the culture of Brazil" - says Dj Victor. From this point, Arenna decided to have their own singer, Thais Diniz, Dj victor's sister. She joined the group since the beginning of 2004 but she has been singing for a long time. Like Dj Esteverson always says: "Thais is the perfect combination to arenna's productions." So, the passion for the electronic music is everything to Arenna, and all of this, comes with the idea to expand the frontiers of the music. Arenna open the door to a new brazilian sound. Come out and enjoy! ..