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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Just in the 7th remix of Tinatin's "Wild" courtesy of Brazilian DJ Victor Diniz from Arenna

 Tinatin - Wild(Arenna Mix) by Arenna 

In November 2003 Arenna group started a recent carrier, but some of the members has been working in electronic music productions for 5 years. Showing their independent songs in radios and clubs around São Luis, a city located in the northeast of Brazil, state of Maranhão, Arenna became notorious for their great remixes. "Ferveção" by Dj Victor Diniz and "I Hope Enjoy" by Dj Esteverson were big hits and still stimulate the crowd when its been played around brazil. This was the main idea that influenced Arenna's formation. Arenna developed their musical background in the Brazilian culture beats, this is a big opportunity to choose the best vibration to their remixes and 100% original songs. "In our music productions we try to express what's interesting in the culture of Brazil" - says Dj Victor. From this point, Arenna decided to have their own singer, Thais Diniz, Dj victor's sister. She joined the group since the beginning of 2004 but she has been singing for a long time. Like Dj Esteverson always says: "Thais is the perfect combination to arenna's productions." So, the passion for the electronic music is everything to Arenna, and all of this, comes with the idea to expand the frontiers of the music. Arenna open the door to a new brazilian sound. Come out and enjoy! ..

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