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Friday, February 28, 2014

Bianca Marroquin's upcoming album

Recording continued today with Dennis DelGaudio and Tom Gallaher for Bianca Marroquin's album while Marroquin is in Chicago playing "Roxie Hart" for the Broadway show "Chicago."

Marroquin received an amazing reivew from Chicago Tribune this week by columnist Chris Jones quoting "Marroquin, a well-known name among fans of Spanish language soap operas, is not only gorgeous, in the age-defying way long associated with the performers of the musical "Chicago," a showcase sans pareil for the hyper-toned human body in motion. She is also a fantastic comedian and vulnerable to boot. I've seen 3,212 Roxies (or thereabouts) in my time, shimmying their sweet way from Las Vegas to hell and back. I've heard a few with bigger voices, certainly, but have never experienced one with more charm or spontaneity. Marroquin really is something and, should you be in the category of a devoted "Chicago" fan worried about whether the current tour will spoil or enhance your glorious memories, the chance to see her work should be enough to motivate you to take one more trip to the land of the razzle-dazzle."

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