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Friday, January 3, 2014

Bianca Marroquin Recording "Marquee"

Today, while the temperatures hit below 10 degrees on a cold winter New York day, Bianca Marroquin recorded "Marquee" for her upcoming album. 

The theatrical composition written by Ayhan Sahin, Dennis DelGaudio and Chuck Taylor, about reinventing oneself after hitting rock bottom will relate to so many people in the real world, when one wants to shake things up and have a new start.

It was also a perfect platform for Bianca to showcase her unbelievably rich register with so many low and high notes with passion an dramatical edge.

"Been so long since I've been back on
Top of the world I belong
Pull it together
Nothing's forever 
Pick up the broken pieces
Put my name on starlight

Today, the song is recorded live with Tom Gallaher on grand piano and Bianca on microphone at Uptime Studios in midtown Manhattan, which will be accompanied by a strings chamber orchestra with parts arranged by Gallaher.

Stay tuned!

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