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Friday, October 19, 2012

Atticus Connors recording new material

Rock band Canvas' lead singer Atticus Connors was at the studio today recording material from Bernadette O'Reilly-Ayhan Sahin catalog. Connors laid down vocals on "Since You've Been Gone" and "Where is Your Heart?"

"Since You've Been Gone" was previously released in French ("Si tu pars") in Karine Hannah's second album "Karine" where as both English and Spanish versions ("Donde Esta tu Amor") of "Where is Your Heart" were featured in Mitch Zorba's album
"Censurando Amor" back in 2009.

Connors, who resides in upstate New York, delivered a fresh, new take to these songs. He will be recording new material weekly at 2C Studios in the days to come.

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