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Sunday, June 3, 2012


Lina Koutrakos performed a new repertoire to a sold-out crowd at New York's notorious Joe's Pub.

Singer/songwriter Lina Koutrakos is a Diva for the ages. Her southern influenced music is rooted in both her nomadic childhood and Greek heritage and it presents us with an artist whose voice is alive with a cultural intimacy we didn’t know existed until we experience her incredible talent. Her one in a million voice is equal parts sensual and sizzle. It can whisper in your ear and peel paint off the walls! She sings with amazing spirit, extraordinary energy, and perhaps most exciting of all, a joyous celebration that will rock your soul.

Koutrakos takes center stage with a command and presence reminiscent of many rock and roll legends. She is an enteratiner, an inspiration, an authentic experience and a one-in-a-million voice. Together with her hard rockin band, she will stand you up in energetic applause and knock you down with emotional passion…. all at the same time.

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