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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Co-producer, co-writer, Young Pals ally

Amodio recently played bass on the new upcoming release of Young Pals Music; "Swedish Style" - the musical.

"Bass Player, Singer, Songwriter and music producer, Tony grows up in Naples, where he starts to play in the Italian music hinterland. Tony starts his career as songwriter in the US, working for the MDP Entertainment for several projects featuring international stars like Al Jarreau, James Ingram and Bill Champlin from the band Chicago. His first album "Deja vu" comes out in 2007, and his first single "Lo que yo quiero eres tu" has been reviewed on the most important magazines in US, Italy and Latin America. Billboard magazine considers him one the most talented new artists in US. Tony tours in New York, New Jersey, Canada and after the single "Dentro de tus ojos" comes to the Venezuelan radio airplay, he joins the Latin American Market for the first time, performing in the most important radio and TV shows and closing the tour with a Sold out show at the Hard Rock Café in Caracas. In 2009 Tony founds his music company, Tam Record International, and starts working as producer for many projects, including his second album, II ME, that comes out contemporary in Italy, US and Latin America. The new tour includes 15 concerts in the Italian clubs, and continues in Colombia, where the new single "Donde estas" joins the radio rotation. The new single "I miss you" comes out with a new videoclip completely shot in New York and directed by Tony himself. In 2010 Tony becomes the new Bass Player for the Italian rock band "Bee Hive" (over 400.000 copies sold in the '80ies) for their Reunion; for them Tony writes the lyrics of the new single, and tours all along Italy. Tony Amodio is Endorser for Cort Basses from 2011."

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