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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Erica Jacob whom Young Pals has worked with on numerous recordings including "Lost and Found" and "Liar" for her portfolio as well as "I'm Not An Angel" on Karine Hannah's "Calling Card" album and "Je Suis Comme Je Suis" on Lybert Ramade's "Une Autre Chance" album is spending the summer at an intensive music workshop at the prestigioius Yale University in Connecticut.

She needs to raise $3000 for tuition expenses and is reaching out to allies to assist in this mission. $10 or more from all of you will help propel this wondrous talent.

You can reach Erica at

So many of you have asked me when am I putting up a show? when can you hear me sing? Well, I finally have an answer! I am fundraising to get to Yale's pretious cabaret intensive, and part of the intiative is this night! I, along with JOY CALDWELL, STARR BUSBY, KAYTE GRACE, and H the EIGHTH LETTER, will be getting together MONDAY, JUNE 20TH, to share with you a night of MUSIC of all kinds! So if you are a fan of any of these people, PLEASE come out and show your support! It is $10 "suggested" donation, which means exactly that! you can give MORE or Less than that. All proceeds will go to funding my tuition at Yale, which is 3000. I leave july 22- aug 1, so PLEASE help me get these people their money and soon! I think this program will be soooo good for me! Invite your friends, and your friends friends! there will be cheap food and drinks, so come and drink and be merry! If you want anymore info hit me up!

With love,
Erica Jacob

Time: Monday, June 20 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Locationi: THE PENNY FARTHING corner of 13th and 3rd Ave (downstairs lounge)

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