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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Haiti Relief Video Shoot For 'Lift'

Over the course of two distinct sessions, Ayhan Sahin, Tinatin, Karine Hannah and Chuck Taylor contributed video footage for a Haiti relief project helmed by New York composer and conductor Jim Papoulis, called "We Will Lift You Up." The charity song is being recorded in 35 languages(!), to reach around the globe with an individualized call to arms.

First outing: Papoulis' Upper West Side digs, where we filmed Tinatin—who sings the song in Russian—and Ayhan—who delivers in Turkish—for both a lip sync and interview that will be featured in a long-form documentary about the project. Filming was done by Jim's colleague Jeff Martini.Sing it, girl!Talk it up, honey!Sing it, dude!You don't say, Ayhan?Jim and Ayhan, studio masters.
A few days later, at 2C Studios in Brooklyn, our friend Chris Holmes filmed Karine singing the anthem......followed by an interview led by Chuck Taylor.2C Studios intern Colin Bryson helped set up the shoot.The sense of accomplishment is immense. Hard to believe it's been almost a year since the Jan. 12 earthquake that decimated the nation. The need for assistance is obviously ongoing.See further footage of Ayhan singing "Lift" in Turkish here!
And Tinatin here!

courtesy of THE SMOKING NUN blog

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