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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TUESDAY, JULY 6th 2010

Meeting with Stereo Serenade

Stereo Serenade (Kevin: Vox, Nick: Viola, Eli: Drums, Travis: Bass, Dan: Guitar) is a New York based Alternative/Pop band that expresses a new culmination of hip hop flavored groove coupled with the modern day sound of pop melody and soulful lyrical flow.  Breathing a new brand of pop the band offers today’s listening audience a genre of music that has been long awaited. The undeniable groove that gets your foot tappin’ with contemporary narratives that prove relatable, it’s hard to find a flaw with these boys.  This band is “cool” but they boast “classy” as well. They have dynamically introduced the viola to the mix. Leave all your pre-conceptions elsewhere however, because this is not your DMB model. They’ll keep you guessing with driving melodic lines, “hooky” guitar licks, solid grooves and catchy melodies that keep you whistling throughout the day.  Stereo Serenade has made its footprint and is on the rise by captivating audiences everywhere. Their polished live appeal and crisp sound makes it easy to love this band and stay for the evening. This is a show that needs to be seen and a sound that must be heard!

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