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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


New York-based full-service music label releases more than a dozen
full-length albums, singles & theatrical soundtracks, with much ahead
It was five years ago that the first-generation iPhone was released. J.K. Rowling’s seventh and final Potter novel, “Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows,” sold 11 million copies. “Spider-Man 3” was the top-grossing movie. NASA’s Messenger journeyed to planet Mercury. And… on August 30, 2007, Young Pals Music was launched.

The New York-based record label—founded by composer/producer and NYU Tisch School of the Arts Master’s graduate Ayhan Sahin—now celebrates its fifth anniversary, with more than a dozen albums, singles and theatrical soundtrack releases (100+ songs in total) under its belt, as well as four full-length original stage musicals.

Today’s Young Pals Music—with its accompanying 2C Recording Studios in Manhattan—was born out of a theatrical troupe in Sahin’s native Turkey, comprising 70+ university students, volunteers and supporters performing his original works, which were staged in the mid-1990s in Ankara, Turkey, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Iceland and other major European cities. In addition, Sahin’s full-length “Swedish Style” was honored via an alliance of the Swedish-Turkish Cultural Cooperation during Stockholm ‘98’s Cultural City of Europe campaign. The ensemble featured a cast of 45 performers/musicians and 25 offstage contributors.

From there, Young Pals evolved into a bona fide record label, when Sahin relocated to New York at the dawn of the millennium. Today, it is a burgeoning force among full-service independent record labels, offering artist development, songwriting and collaboration, vocal and instrumental recording, mixing, graphic design, merchandising and consultancy services.

Sahin notes, “I think one of the things that makes Young Pals unique is the ‘community’ we’ve forged, in which our stable of artists and musicians collaborate across many platforms.” For instance, if he works with a talented cellist or bass player on one project, Sahin then calls upon them to contribute to other albums. Likewise, many of the singers he has recorded will lend background vocals to other projects. “Some of the most magical moments in the studio come about when we blend seemingly disparate talents and create something totally unexpected.”

Over the past decade, Sahin has worked with Olivia Newton-John, Melba Moore, Phoebe Snow, Turkish superstars Sezen Aksu and Sertab Erener, Sandra Bernhard, Jill Gioia from “Rockstar Supernova,” and five “American Idol” finalists, including Vonzell Solomon, Jon Peter Lewis and Anthony Fedorov.

Since the label was founded in 2007, Young Pals Music has commandeered projects that span the globe, with releases in multiple genres, languages and production styles. Among them:

* “American Idol” finalist Norman Gentle’s YouTube sensation “Bitch Slap
* Universal artist Karine Hannah’s two full-length solo releases: “Karine” & “I’ll Be Alright
* Sony Turkey singer/songwriter/guitarist Emre Yilmaz’s single “Only Yesterday
* Chilean-American artist Jose Promis’ fourth album “Life Is Grand!

* French entertainer Lybert Ramade’s full-length “Une Autre Chance
* Russian singer/songwriter & 2009 Eurovision Song Contest runner-up Tinatin’s EP “Wild” and club remix “Wild Miami Remixed
* Puerto Rican actor/singer Mitch Zorba’s album “Censurando Amor
* MTV “Making the Band” finalist Adam Shenk’s full-length “Suitcases
* Dance-pop singer/songwriter Jerri Bokeno’s single “My Love Is Yours” (she was a prominent vocalist for Phil Spector)

* Italian vocalist & TAM Records’ Gabriella Torres’ single “Nada Mas
* A remix of singer/songwriter Matt Zarley’s No. 1 dance single “Here I Am,” whose release also includes mixes from Love to Infinity, Solar City & Rafael M.
* Vocal production in Turkish, Russian, Greek, Italian and French for “We Will Lift You Up,” a Haiti Earthquake relief project initiated by Jim Papoulis’ Foundation For Small Voices

In addition, with Dennis DelGaudio, a classically trained guitarist and member of Billy Joel’s band, Sahin wrote and recorded the 12-track production duo album “DNA,” featuring vocals from Karine Hannah.

He also has composed and produced four full-length theatrical musicals: “1453,” “Gods,” “The Conqueror” and “Swedish Style”; while producing the cast album, the off-Broadway “Most Likely To: The Senior Superlative Musical,” written & composed by award-winning Michael Tester.

Looking to the future, Young Pals will continue to wave its banner as it breaks new ground over the next five years. The label is expanding emphasis on collaborations with major artists and established labels; while utilizing its roster of global acts to increase its geographic imprint across European and South American territories. The label’s long-term business plan calls for it to become a full-service home base for critically acclaimed singers, musicians, theatrical vocalists and multi-media artists.

In the coming year, “Swedish Style: The Musical” will be revised and refashioned, with additional musical compositions and a newly recorded concept album, featuring a New York-based cast of 14 seasoned actors and singers, mastered for use in licensed productions by commercial theatrical groups and schools. A 14-piece live band offers a robust palette of keyboards and piano; electric, classical, flamenco and acoustic guitars; percussion, bass, violin, cello, flute and sax. The release—which will be Young Pals’ 16th—is due in last quarter 2012.

Upcoming projects are also in the works for pop/rock group Canvas, singer/songwriter Michael Gastaldi, a full-length dance album for singer Erica Jacob, and a development deal for acclaimed vocalist DeAnna Choi.

“Five years ago, when I launched Young Pals Music, I was amazed by the spirit of collaboration within the vast creative community that works and plays in New York City,” Sahin says. “Now I feel I have lent a hand in some small way to help the talented singers and musicians I’ve met to find a home, and release their work within a label family that is inclusive and nurturing, and together, celebrate our successes. I look at the bright lights throughout Times Square, and continue to believe that one of those rays of light is shining my way.”

Turkish-born songwriter/producer Ayhan Sahin has achieved notoriety in a range of musical genres, from musical theater to pop, rock, R&B and dance. He has composed four full-length musicals: “1453”; Turkey’s first rock opera “Gods,” hailed by CNN International; “The Conqueror”; and “Swedish Style”; and has been featured in three one-hour documentaries regarding his theatrical prowess on Turkish national television. He also appeared in an ABBA biopic on VH1, alongside countless mainstream press profiles.

His music has been featured on CNN, MTV’s “Made,” a documentary supporting the Fox TV series “Arrested Development,” “American Idol Rewind,” The Los Angeles Times, Playbill, Yahoo! Music, Fox Morning News, “The Wendy Williams Show” and Style Network; and his works have been heralded by USA Today, New York magazine, MTV, Perez Hilton and The New York Daily News.

Sahin, who lives in New York, is a BMI-affiliated songwriter with his Young Pals Music Publishing, and a voting member of NARAS (Grammy Awards).

For information: 917-693-2688.                           

Friday, August 17, 2012

Erica Jacob

Erica Jacob was at 2C Studios today to record a ballad; "Too Many Reasons" -- a collaboration of Ayhan Sahin with NYU Tisch class-mate Tara Bahna James

"You Don't Understand" by DeAnna Choi and Nick Boddington

DeAnna was in the studio today recording a duet with American Idol finalist Nick Boddington. The song "You Don't Understand" -- a love song from the rock musical "Gods," will be featured in DeAnna's upcoming compilation from Young Pals Music.

"Gods," which was staged in 1995 for the first time was hailed as "Turkey's First Rock Opera" by CNN. Recently, Sahin collaborated with Wallace Willholt Jr. to restructure and refashion the show for American audience.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Elyssa Samsel at 2C

Violinist Elyssa Samsel was at 2C Studios today to record three new tracks for Erica Jacob's upcoming album. She played violin for "Look What You've Done To Me," "It's Only Love" and "Extraordinary Woman."

The first two romantic, uptempo songs feature Elyssa's beautiful parts that she came up with while on the job.

The third track "Extraordinary Woman" has a women-liberating, 80s vibe with saxophone and violin sharing the similar parts. It is a collaboration with Tara Bahna-James-a successful musical theatre composer/lyricist, during Sahin's master studies at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Graduate Musical Theatre Writing program.

Reunion with Bernadette O'Reilly

It was a happy day today (Tuesday) at 2C Studios where longtime collaborator Bernadette O'Reilly was back, writing new material with Sahin for several new projects ahead of Young Pals Music. In the past, the duo has left their signature to so many beautiful songs together like "Since You've Been Gone," "Lost and Found" and "The Right Line" which were featured in the past and ongoing Young Pals releases.

O'Reilly and Sahin worked on a full length album for Karine Hannah's debut "I'll Be Alright" back in 2007, composed of songs written and recorded by Turkish superstar Sezen Aksu. The album was released by Breaking Records.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Karine Hannah visiting 2C

Universal artist Karine Hannah was at 2C Studios today for a listening session of some of the songs we recorded over the years to see if there is a good fit for the major album she is recording with Universal.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Christopher Holmes back at 2C

Chris Holmes stopped by the studio to lay down vocal parts for "Blonde Ambition"-- a song for his new EP project. Holmes and Sahin have been working on this song writing and producing since the last couple of months.

Holmes, apart from his singing career, is also a steady Young Pals member having filmed and produced many Young Pals music videos including Tinatin's "Wild" and Karine Hannah's "Frida's Sonnet." Lately, he has been working on the promo video for the "Swedish Style" --the musical concept album project.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Most Likely To: The Senior Superlative Musical: In Concert

The Drama Book Shop Presents

Most Likely To: The Senior Superlative Musical: In Concert
Saturday, August 11, 2012

Free concerts featuring show highlights as hosted by the auhtor and composer Michael "Fletcher" Tester and performed by members of the original NYC company, joined by actors from the Longwood High School production.
Length: 1 hr 00 mins Intermission: NoneSeating: General Admission
You choose your seats when you get to the theater.
Join the Gleeks and the goths, the drama queens and the jocks in a mock senior superlative awards ceremony hosted by the author, who will be on hand to sign copies of his work including "The Pirate Musical" and, as a co-author, "Ken Davenport's Awesome 80s Prom."

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Michael Gastaldi at 2C

Michael was back at the studio this week going over the recordings of his songs and making decisions with Sahin about the basics for his upcoming EP

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Carras Paton Recording Bass, Sax and Flute

Carras Paton stopped by 2C Studios on Saturday afternoon to lay down bass guitar, sax and flute parts on songs like "Escape Reality," "Look What You've Done To Me" and "One More Chance" that are planned for Erica Jacob's dance album project under Young Pals Music.

Carras has been a long time Young Pals musician who played for Adam Shenk's "Suitcases" album and the "Swedish Style" the musical concept album in the previous years. His versatility and interpretation brings a new dimension to all Sahin tracks.

Friday, August 3, 2012

DeAnna Choi

Today, DeAnna Choi recorded songs from the musical "Gods" which was hailed as Turkey's First Rock Opera on CNN back in 1995. She recorded "Threnody" and "If" to be considered for her upcoming Young Pals album.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Elyssa Samsel Recording

Violinist Elyssa Samsel, who has been featured in many Young Pals records, was back at the studio. This time she laid down beautiful parts for Erica Jacob's upcoming dance album. She will be back at the studio next week to continue recording.