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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Karine Hannah Sings "NEW YEAR'S EVE AT HOME"

Karine Hannah sings “New Years At Home,” an uptempo frolic that lyrically concludes that despite all glamorous invitations, there’s no better way to turn the annual page than snuggling with that special someone. Here’s a song and an artist that will brighten the holidays from this year forward. From the collection "Breaking For The Holidays" released by Breaking Records in 2007.

"New Year's Eve at Home" by Karine Hannah by Young Pals Music

Written by Bernadette O'Reilly, Chuck Taylor and Ayhan Sahin.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Janeen Puente was at 2C Studios on Tuesday, 12/27/2011 meeting with Ayhan Sahin. Puente and Sahin have started working on new songs for a future project together. Stay tuned!

Janeen Puente was born into a family of performers, and is the granddaughter of the late legendary music icon Tito Puente.  She attributes her distinctive singing voice to growing up in a Puerto Rican/American household where her influences ranged from Mariah Carey to Celia Cruz.  Raised just outside of New York City, Janeen honed her performance in NYC nightclubs performing her brand of NY style dance music with Latin rhythms and influences.  She has also had the great privilege of performing on stage with her grandfather on many occasions, in addition to her unique experience of growing up around and closely studying such great singers such as Celia Cruz and La India perform with her grandfather. 

"Mi Camino" (My Path) was released  June 2010, and marks Janeen's first full length CD with her Orchestra.  The CD is executive produced by Eddie Del Rios, produced and mastered by Hector M. Rivera,and includes many guest artists including Artie Webb on flute, Sami Cultura, and much more!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Sandra Bernhard sings "Miracle of Lights" featuring Sussan Deyhim

Bernhard is certainly best known for her colorful comic and theatrical performances, but here she culls a worldwide call for peace in the calming, tribal “Miracle of Lights,” featuring Sussan Deyhim, a composer, vocalist and performance artist who has long been at the forefront of the ancient mysticism of Middle Eastern music.

Produced by Ayhan Sahin and Mitch Kaplan, this song was part of the holiday compilation album "Breaking For The Holidays" released by Breaking Records in 2007.

Boarding the sleigh ride for Breaking Records’ first such collection are such timeless veterans as Chaka Khan and venerable comedienne Sandra Bernhard, alongside two favorites from the nation’s unstoppable top-rated TV series, “American Idol” and its rock n’roll sister “Rockstar Supernova,” as well as a handful of acts that may be less familiar—but as you will soon see, merit equal esteem.


Sandra Bernhard with Ayhan Sahin and Karine Hannah


Sussan Deyhim

"Miracle Of Lights" by Sandra Bernhard featuring Sussan Deyhim by Young Pals Music

Thursday, December 22, 2011

"California Christmas" by Jon Peter Lewis

American Idol favorite Jon Peter Lewis, a top 10 finalist in season three, swipes at the winter chill in “California Christmas,” which conjures Beach Boys meets Phil Spector. The harmony-packed track is an original composition by Sky Elobar, commandeered by producer Ayhan Sahin. Released in 2007 by Breaking Records.

"California Christmas" by Jon Peter Lewis by Young Pals Music

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"It's Gonna Be A Cold Cold Christmas Without You"

Happy holidays are assured with “Breaking for the Holidays,” a collection of Christmas songs released by Breaking Records.

The many million fans of American Idol will find particular delight in Vonzell Solomon, who percolates with signature warmth on “It’s Gonna Be a Cold Cold Christmas”—a song that sounds instantly familiar but is best known outside the U.S. as a hit in 1975 by Irish singer Dana. Vonzell recorded the track in 2007 with producer Ayhan Sahin.

"It's Gonna be a Cold Cold Christmas" by VONZELL SOLOMON by Young Pals Music

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Swedish Style": Transported Back To the 80s

Monday was like a wondrous flashback to the early 1980s, as we shot the music video for the upcoming Young Pals Music release; full length theatrical rock musical “Swedish Style,” based on the break-up of music group Opus 10, a quartet in the spirit of ABBA.

15+ actors, musicians and crew members joined us at an off-Broadway theatre in the heart of Times Square to film a promotional video for the production—complete with period costumes.

“Swedish Style: The Musical” is inspired by the captivating tale of the break-up of Swedish super group ABBA—a lesser-known but all-important chapter in the quartet’s fabled history.  The show is written by Ayhan Sahin and Selcen Pamuk Phelps. The dramatized theatrical production is set in the early 1980s and rapt with love, loss, friendship, heartbreak and the penance of ultimate artistic immortality.

The video vignette filmed on December 12 by Christopher Holmes will provide a compelling sketch of the new production and its soundtrack recording, detailing elements of the script, choreography, set and costumes. 

Young Pals Music will release  the 14-song double-disc cast soundtrack for “Swedish Style" in January 2012.